Game Based Trainings

“Creative work will never spring in a place where a game is not played with an unlimited imagination” C.G. Jung

The power of game is hidden in the “lessons of experience” theme in the scenario of the game. During the game playing, the “observer” turns into “performer” and the magic of the game appears. 


The Magic of Game Based Trainings:

Personal Awareness: The recognnation of personal abilities. The participant’s visualization and comprehension of:
- The implementations of internal trainings that he/she had taken.
- Where, how, when, and why he/she practices the knowledge in daily life by lessons of experiences.

Executive Awareness:
The company managers’ examining and observing their team and employees during the game play, evaluating the personal talents.

Permanence in Knowledge:
The consolidation of the internal trainings that the participant has taken in the company, and the raising awareness.

Easiness in Learning:
By the participant’s turning into “game player” from being “observer”, learning without getting bored and having hardships.

Change and Advencement: During the game based training, the participant’s and team’s observing the limits of their being and having the chance to abolish them.

Happiness: Placing the game based training into the time in life that had passed with joy and taste.