Degames Team

De Games Team knows that creative thoughts are gateways to tomorrow; and in order to reach for tomorrow, one must start today...

If you can dream it, you can make it... Walt Disney 

What is DE Games?

DE Games is a consultant firm, meeting your searching of alternative solutions about meetings and team work activities with its own approach and perspective combined with its creativity. (works as Düş Enstitüsü in Turkey)

What does DE Games do?

De Games does Team Games / Activities and Workshops to corporate year-end, kick-off, launch and supplier meetings based on experimental learning technique. With the Module System, they cover all the corporate needs by extracting or adding certain modules to activities which companies decide on. De Games creates behavioral change and personal awareness in your team by their authentic games of their own creation. They solve your knots by their point shot.

For special projects, medical launches, assessment meetings and orientation trainings, De Games makes Concept Games and Game Based Trainings targeting motivation and team work and organizes the game, activity or training according to the expectations of the company. They configure their games for the purpose of the meeting or offers new game ideas.

De Games creates and publishes Board Games of a wide range.

De Games Creative Team knows and believes that playing games helps to understand one’s self, one’s team and one’s world.