Concept Design

De Games, being a “corporate messenger” between the corporations and employees, creates and applies tailor-made activities to companies. Like 6 Sigma or Keizen, if a company uses specific business manners, the games can be adopted as well.

The duration of the games might vary from 15 minutes to 1 day, they can be applied indoor or outdoor, and the total number of participants might vary from 20 to 2000.

The Targets:
- Using the connective power in game play.
- Using the educational power in game play.
- Discovering the childlike creativity.
- Motivating the company employees in get-together.
- Strengthening the unity spirit in the big team.
- Looking at life and people in game perspective.

Like in team games and game based trainings, De Games uses different tools to merge the “main theme” in the game as a storyboard.

These tools not only make the main theme to be remembered afterwards, but also drag the participants in the atmosphere and make them have joyous time.

De Games activities, other than the colorful ingredients, make the players to participate in full, and target the spontaneous behavioral change.

The Tools:
- De Countries
- DeCities
- De Companies
- … and other inspiring details of life.